All orders placed with AHUDDY Enterprises are subject to the following terms and conditions, and by placing your order it is understood that you have read and agreed with these terms.

1) AHUDDY Enterprises will not be held responsible for traffic delivered during any down time on a clients site for any reasons and any traffic delivered under these conditions will not be credited or refunded.

2) The client understands that even if the visitor closes the window before it completely loads due to slow loading, large images, or general lack of interest; that it will still count as a delivered visitor on our system as we have sent the user to your site and therefore fulfilled our obligation.

3) Client understands that the statistics system utilized by AHUDDY Enterprises will serve as the official record of traffic.

4) We cannot accept sites that contain malicious content, frame breaking code, or that cause damage to our system.

5) Note that our guarantee for traffic is for traffic delivery only.  We cannot guarantee conversions, sales, or the overall success of any advertising campaign.  The success of any marketing campaign is based on many factors; including the content user by the advertiser for the campaign, the market competition level of your particular offer, as well as a host of other factors.