Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the single most important factor in ranking your website very high among all search engine results.  Search engine traffic provides the very best traffic productivity and conversion rates.  Our SEO packages are competitively priced to provide you with the greatest value possible.

We are professionally trained in analyzing SEO results.  Upon using our tools to examine your website we will use the results to tailor a report specifically for improving the result of your websites search engine result rankings.

Why do I need SEO?

You can spend hundred and thousands of dollars on banner ads, and adwords marketing, but as soon as you stop those services your visitors stop coming in.  No visitors equals no sales.  The beauty of SEO is that your site will stay at the top of search engines for the long run and you will not have to worry about the 3rd party sites you are promoting on.  Or even worse you don't have to worry about your competitors buying out your ad spot.

How up to date are your methods?

We use tools to analyze your site compared to your competition.  Our software updates every week to get the most up to date information from search engines.  Through the six years of internet business that we have done, rules and methods are changing constantly, in order to stay with the current times we spend a great portion of our time researching and interacting with marketing world.  We do not promote your using any methods that are considered "black hat" or illegal methods because we value your business and want you to succeed.

How long does it take?

SEO is a building process.  If you are expecting overnight results on the internet, then you are in the wrong business.  Search engine optimization is an investment in your own business.  As time progresses your ranking will increase and you will see a greater number of daily visitors and thus an increase in sales.  IF your site is already established then it will take much less time than a brand new site.  But in any case you will see substantial results in 60 days.  The longer we can work with you the better we can build a personal relationship with you and grow your business to its potential.

All SEO packages include the following:

Complete SEO analysis
* Site analysis
* Keywords research for your targeted market
* Competitive analysis
* Statistics analysis
* SEO proposal development

Web site optimization
* Content optimization
* HTML code optimization
* Descriptive site map creation
* Site navigation optimization

Web site promotion
* Search engine submission
* MANUAL Directory submission
* Link popularity campaign

One time Analysis, Custom Report, and URL Submission

If you would only like one SEO analysis and report made for your website we provide this service at an extremely affordable price.  We will include suggestions for improving the keywords that you are using.  We will also analyze your META tags  and create the optimal tags for your website.  The body of your website will be analyzed for keyword appearances, and advanced SEO properties.  We will then build backlinks for your site by submitting your site to the top 75 directories on the internet. Our reports are very easy to understand and guide you through making changes to your website.

Order One Time SEO Package $300

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Monthly Analysis, Updated Reports, and URL Submission

This is the most effective strategy to keep your website at the top of search engine results.  By continuously analyzing and updating your SEO you will always stay ahead of the competition in your niche market.  All of the same services are included in the monthly package as the one time analysis, except you will always have access to our dedicated team to make improvements to your website.  Email us anytime you have a question about promoting your site and we will guide you down the best path.

We will automatically do an analysis of your website, send you the updated report, and submit your URL to 75 different directories per month.  After you review the report and make the necessary changes to your website, we will run another analysis and send you the reports of your changes.  This means you will receive two analysis's and reports every month for your website.  You will receive an invoice prior to each month to continue the service.

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After payment is made for the SEO Package, you will receive an email requesting your website URL.  Analysis will take place upon receiving your website information.  Completed analysis and custom report will be sent to you within 24 hours of purchase.  The status of your URL submission will be emailed to you upon completion.

Email us with any questions about the Search Engine Optimization SEO.